Tata Zica Revealed: looks like a cool car

The Tata Motors India Limited has revealed the details of their soon to be launched hatchback the Zica on 30th November 2015. Through a series of photos and videos the company has made the specifications of the car public. The TML is planning to launch the car during the upcoming Indian auto show in February 2016.

‘Zippy Car’ Zica

In order to improve the business in the Indian automobile market the TML has been planning for the past few months to replace their aging models. As a part of that few new models have already been launched. The next in the line is the new hatchback the Zica which is supposed to replace the aging Indica eV2. Aptly named Zica the ‘Zippy Car’ is an intelligently crafted product.

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Tata Zica

Tata Zica


The Zica is the third Tata car based on the HORIZONEXT philosophy which adds all the ingredients to attract the young customers. Built on the XO platform the Zica plugs the big gap between the little Nano and the bigger Bolt. Avoiding any similarity to the Indica the only familiar feature on the body is the smiling honeycomb grille. Other features like the curvy head lamps, and large rounded rear bumper with chrome surrounded fog lamps and a character chrome line between the head lights, the prominent creases across the shoulder and a rear spoiler make the looks sportier.

Rinker Boats

When it comes to quality built and professional boats, there are many options, but one of the best options is Rinker. They have been building boats for decades and their boats can meet a variety of standards and uses. Rinker boats are used in sea fishing are both durable and ergonomically fitting as they have enough space to hold many fishermen while also being able to traverse the sometimes dangerous waters that accompany the sea.

There are many reasons why Rinker boats are used in sea fishing. First of all, there are many different styles of this boats available. The two main types of boats that are produced by Rinker are the sport boats and the cruising boats. As one might expect, the fishing boats are more likely to be of the cruiser variety than sport boats. The sport boats tend to have bigger engines, have more horsepower, and less deck space. They are more streamlined and are built for speed and maneuverability rather than for cruising around.

The cruiser boats that are manufactured by Rinker are more suited for sea fishing. Most of the cruiser boats are big enough to be taken out in moderate seas, but they are small enough to be easily transported on a trailer with just a truck. The cruiser boats also have pedestal mounts, which means fishing seats can easily be mounted to the boat with ease.

This makes fishing much more enjoyable and practical because the angler can easily rotate the seat to keep pace with the boat direction and the direction the fish are biting from. This boats used in sea fishing have large capacity gas tanks – usually over one hundred and fifty gallons.

This allows the boats to go on relatively long voyages without having to worry about running out of fuel. Since most Rinker boats are over twenty-five feet long, they are able to handle up to six foot waves with ease and will not capsize even under the worst water conditions.

There are multiple types of Rinker boats used in sea fishing. They are great for sea fishing because they are large enough to handle the waves that go along with the open water, but they are small enough to haul around easily on a trailer. This means you don’t have to keep your boat docked in a marina, which allows you the extra freedom that is needed for sea fishing.

Digger Derrick Trucks

These trucks are useful for drilling holes for electrical poles and telephone poles. But the usefulness of the trucks doesn’t end there. After the holes have been made, the digger derrick lifts and then sets the poles in place. Because of this vehicles, digging holes and setting poles can be made possible in the span of a very short period of time.

History of digger trucks

The digger derrick was actually created in 1945 by Terex. Originally, the digger required two men to operate it. As time goes by and technology improves, these digger derricks are mounted on vehicles for easy transporting. The ones who should use these trucks must not only know how to drive large vehicles. They should also learn how to operate digger derricks. Of course, there are trainings available on how to drive and operate digger derrick trucks.

Buying digger derrick trucks

These vehicles are available in many companies offering utility vehicles. The prices of these trucks may vary according to the size, design, and manufacturer of the vehicles. Because these trucks serve many purposes, you can’t expect them to come very cheap. These vehicles actually cost a lot. If you are interested to but ones for your small-time business, you can actually find cheaper ones from the Internet. Online shops offer used digger derricks. These ones are offered for very low prices compared to brand new ones.

Tips on buying used digger vehicles

Buying used digger derricks can be quite tricky. You can’t be sure which factor to prioritize first, price of quality. Used trucks have undergone series of repairs, so you can’t be too sure about the quality unless you shop from trusted suppliers. However, some trusted suppliers may offer the vehicles for much expensive rates. What you should do is to visit the different providers of used digger derricks and then compare the prices in each store. Before you make your final choice, you have to make sure that the condition of the trucks are restored to its former state. It is important that you ensure that the trucks are fully reconditioned.

Closing: used digger derricks are multipurpose trucks that could help you in your business. If you are planning to purchase one, visit trusted providers. You can visit http://www.i80equipment.com/digger-trucks.shtml for more information about these trucks. The site offers many affordable and quality digger derricks that is worth your every penny.

New Ford Cars

Ford has been the frontrunner in the car manufacturing industry and is known for its classic style cars. People across the globe are crazy to buy New Ford Cars because the company offers something more every time to its users. Every time, people wait eagerly for the ford cars which are in the pipeline and this year, they are all set to get something bigger and better as new fleet of cars will be introduced in the market. In the affordable new ford cars range, ford Focus is the leading name and in the coming year, the company has decided to revamp the car inside out. Almost 55 percent of the car’s body will be of steel and this is by far the only car with so much steel component. The company is also planning to come with a new and efficient ecoboost engine which will give more mileage and help people save a lot on fuel expenses.

Among all the New Ford Cars to be launched in 2011-2012, Ford Focus is surely going to be one to watch out for. The cars which will leave an impression in the coming years on everyone include Ford Focus, Ford Mustang and Ford Shelby. The company has also revamped the technology using which the cars are manufactured under the luxury cars segment. The noise vision technology will be installed in all the new Ford cars will help people enjoy a noise-free journey with almost no sound trickling in from outside. People prefer to buy economy cars and all the new luxury cars being launched by Ford are going to be a great deal. Some cars which are and will be making news in 2011 include Ford Edge, Ford Escape, new Ford Fiesta, Ford Taurus, Ford Explorer, Ford Flex and many others.

New Ford cars are surely going to fulfill the dreams of many. All the cars will be feature loaded and the company will offer more features at lesser prices. All the new ford cars will be like a rage in the car market and it will surely make other car companies run for their money. The high segment cars by Ford will add on to the personality of the owner and will be a pride to run on the roads. Mileage is going to be much greater and one can save a lot on petrol or gas expenses.

New Ford Cars

Types Of Motorcycles

Standard Motorcycles

An alternate expression for standard bikes is really “bare bikes.” They are exhibited by various bike in Spanish makers, and they’re intended for essential road utilization. These bicycles typically don’t have windscreens or fairings, and they are ridden in an erect position. The foot pegs are set in an agreeable area beneath the rider furthermore the handlebars are set such that they may be come to effectively without the need of inclining. They’re precisely what they’re called: standard bikes. Makers make fresh out of the plastic new models of standard cruisers every year.

Visiting Motorcycles

Obviously, you can travel protracted separations on for all intents and purposes any cruiser, yet with regards to visiting bikes, makers have a tendency to be mindful to incorporate capacities that make travel comfortable and charming. The real seats are upright yet are intended to give added solace and straightforwardness to long measures of time, and the gas tanks are really greater so the bicycles can go protracted separations between fill-ups. Gear lodging are typically included either side of the back of the bicycle, and fairings and additionally windscreens supply twist and additionally climate insurance. Bike makers that assemble these bicycles have the solace of the traveler personality a main priority.

Double Sport Motorcycles

Cruiser producers perceive that various riders have two motivations to need a bike: as a vehicle to get starting with one place then onto the next, and as a brandishing vehicle for rough terrain undertakings. That is the reason you will discover double game, or double reason, bikes. Makers have made a large group of vehicles that are lawful to drive out and about yet which likewise perform exceptionally well on rough terrain trails, slopes, and farmland. These sorts of bikes are made on an earth cruiser configuration structure, with a high focus of gravity and a game suspension for rough terrain execution. Be that as it may, lights, signs, mirrors, devices in Spanish and different instruments happen to be incorporated to render them road safe as well.


Cruisers have a tendency to be bikes that are intended for long rides like visiting bikes, yet that have that extra power when wanted. They are the styles as often as possible preferred by biking clubs and gatherings, with feet put somewhat forward, handlebars high, and seating which advances an erect spine. Choppers are a sort of cruiser bike, and even while bike producers made them for long treks, they don’t have the extravagance solace measures found in visiting bikes. Producers have set these lower to the floor contrasted with different models, which makes them less fit for making sharp turns at high speeds. It is not unprecedented to find hand crafted cruisers with included torque and other reseller’s exchange changes and adjustments.

Mini Electric Motorcycles

While it isn’t exactly known when the first electric motor cycles were made, patents for them began in the late 1800’s, and by 1911, the first appeared in issues of popular mechanics. Electric motorcycles, mini electric motorcycles and the fancy new styles we see today started out as just putting an electric motor on the back of a bicycle. Today’s designs are sleeker than ever before, and for the most part, are not actually called motorcycles, but scooters.

Today there are more styles of mini electric motorcycles than you can shake a stick at. Electric motorcycles are becoming enormously popular for many reasons. They are smaller and more maneuverable in urban areas. Since they are electric, they can be plugged into a wall outlet at night, recharged, and used the next day without ever filling a gas tank. They don’t emit anything harmful into the environment. Some models have just as many bells and whistles that you would normally find in a regular, full sized motorcycle, but for half the cost.

Four of the distinct types of Mini electric motorcycles are the pocket bike, pit, mini chopper and the Midi Moto. While all of them have some of the same characteristics, some are built for racing, others for style and looks, and some for strictly for the transportation factor. These electric motorcycles have electric motors instead of the gasoline engines that you would find on regular motorcycles. They do however try to imitate their counterparts in look and performance.

The mini electric motorcycle mini bike resembles the sleek body design that most often is associated with those Japanese Style motorcycles. The have a plastic body that is aerodynamic, with slick tires to grip the ground. In some cases, these mini bikes are raced more often because they can get up to higher overall speeds.

The pit bike was once used for pit crews to get around from one place to another during races, and are similar to a dirt bike. They have plastic fenders, smaller seats, and most of the engine and workings are exposed. The mini chopper is made for style more, and can be tricked out just like many of the real choppers you see on the road today. The Midi moto are mini electric motorcycles that come as close to the real thing as possible. These electric motorcycles are larger, have faster motors, and can some can even be ridden on the freeway.

The costs for these mini electric motorcycles can vary in price as much as their different styles. For a basic, no frills, get you from point A to point B electric motorcycle, is going to be in the low hundreds range. Top end models can run into the thousands of dollars.

A good mid-range mini electric bike is the Electric XP-707 Pocket Bike. This model has one of the largest motors ever built in a pocket cycle, 700 watts. It is whisper quiet, has both rear and front disk brakes, three batteries, and is designed with full tinted windshield and full faring, just to name a few of the features. There are many colors to choose from, and this model sells for just under $ 400.